Create and Monetize an App

Apps are still great to monetize and reach an audience with. You can do it yourself with app creators like appypie or buildfire if your app is simple enough for these platforms. However, if you need something more unique or complex, you can hire developers on and You can even save a lot of money and hire an overseas developer.

Monetize your App

The obvious choice would be to place ads in your app.

Banner Ads – no one likes them. No one clicks on them, unless it was an accident. Banner ads are not the best option.

Native Ads – now native ads at least blend in with your app and make it more appealing than banner ads.

Interstitial Ads – are popup ads that can be very annoying and everyone hates them, but they are effective.

Rewardable Video – The best option by far because if you have something to offer, like an in-game currency, then the users are at least a little bit more motivated to put up with the ads.

Rewardable Actions – is a great way to advertise when a user does a certain action and gets rewarded.

Gamification Theory – In theory, you can use a virtual currency and offer something valid to the user. This may be new content in the game, a reward, a new skin, the possibilities are enless. The user can buy virtual currency or the user can earn it through video ads, offers and social intereactions.

Sell Physical Merchandise – E-commerce businesses use free apps for selling physical goods or branded merchandise: toys, t-shirts, cell phone cases, etc. via email marketing or specially developed applications. On the other hand, you can use amazon or other affiliate programs to promote products and get commissions.

In-app purchases – You can offer virtual currency or just other content in exchange for an in app purchase.

Sponsorships – Sponsorship placement within the application can be a powerful app monetization model if provider builds the right niche app for tailored users and launch it on behalf of another company. The main challenge is to find a funder with similar or the same target audience and white label an app or adapt its design to match sponsor’s brand.

Email marketing– Despite the fact that Email Marketing is comparatively old technique, it can be quite powerful when it comes to monetizing apps. This strategy works best when you kindly ask user email during sign-in. And, as a result, get a possibility to consequently reach them with email notifications. The first and the foremost way is to simply ask users for their email address with a pop-up box. In return for free features, in-app currency, or whatever you want to offer, it becomes profitable for both sides.Another way of getting users emails goes through Facebook SDK. Having FB login enabled inside the app lets you use it for collecting email addresses. Don’t forget to notify your users that they may get emails, in case of logging in with FB account.

Subscriptions – For free apps with restricted content or features available for a limited time, the user can pay a subscription fee to get a full access and unlock it. This revenue type is often used for cloud services, video and audio streaming, online newspapers or magazines. The developer can provide users with free trial period and charge the subscription fee for an access without restrictions


In the end, the question is what kind of app you will come up with.  Advertising is still holding the leading position as app monetization method, with 65% of all apps on the market